Meet Jen Rich

Jen specializes in leadership development, feedback guidance and strengths-based coaching. She is committed to helping leaders sharpen their professional acumen and to supporting their efforts to align their personal values and purpose to the organizational culture they oversee. Outcomes are often focused on motivated leaders, customer commitment and bottom-line performance.

She is dedicated to listening and getting to know a subject inside and out. That can often mean nudging her clients into uncharted territories where discovery and growth happens. Her powerful intuition blended with her ability to shift perspective allows her clients to successfully craft their own ideas and bring them to light. 

Jen’s approach to coaching begins with establishing a foundation, where a client’s personal and professional values are set in stone. Next comes their long-term vision. Combing these insights with a clear vision of her client’s professional strengths and skill sets help create a purposeful mission statement. The statement is a guidepost to use throughout the coaching process. 

Jen’s own mission is to help create meaning in people’s professional lives by connecting who they are — their values and sense of purpose — to what they do at work. Her breadth of experience in Global Fortune 500 Corporations have served to hone her skills as both an internal strategy leader and a leadership coach; skills that include empathy, influencing decision makers, navigating complex systems and driving calculated impact.

Business and organizational leadership experience

Jen has successfully led multi-functional world-class sales teams as the Director of Architectures and Strategy at Cisco Systems. She created a popular Leadership Development Program, which had a two-year waiting list of nominated participants. Outcomes included increased employee retention, with more than 50% of graduates moving into higher-level leadership roles throughout the organization. Jennifer authored custom content and created a personalized coaching program for the 2-year class cycles.

Prior to her role as Architecture & Strategy Director, Jen was the first employee to achieve a Six Sigma Black Belt Certification from Cisco and completed two projects resulting in over $70M in incremental Revenue for US Enterprise Sales. The “Sales Model Acceleration Initiative” improved Director level coaching methods and raised the bar on business relevant selling. Improvements included identification of high-performance leadership skills, leadership expectations, a new organization feedback process, and a theater-wide training program.

At Jen ranked in the top 10% of Principal Customer Success Managers exceeding quota and achieving Peak Performers Club. At Xerox, Jennifer facilitated Global VP Planning Workshops. The outcome included post workshop Big Rock Projects to improve key business issues. Jen led one of these projects, a global implementation of As a result she won two awards: the Xerox Corporate Presidential Communication and Global Strategy Contract Awards.

Past corporate roles:

  • Internal Corporate Leadership Development Coach, Cisco Systems, the USA
  • Director, Sales Architectures & Strategy, Cisco Systems, the USA
  • Change & Communication Manager, Cisco Systems, the USA
  • Enterprise Field Sales Change Manger, Cisco Systems, the USA
  • Principal Customer Success Manager,, the USA
  • Global Strategy Manager, Xerox Corporation, the USA
  • Strategy Consultant, Publicis Communications, Romania
  • Market Strategy Analyst, Corning Inc., the USA
Client Coaching Experience
  • High Tech Executive Leaders
  • Global General Managers
  • Regional Sales Directors
  • Executive Entrepreneurs
  • Underprivileged Youth
Functional coaching experience
  • Corporate Leadership Development Organization
  • Culture Building
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Strengths Based Assessment / Feedback
  • Individual Development Planning
  • Communication Style Awareness
  • Conflict and Situational Coaching
  • Employee Productivity
  • Corporate Strategy & Execution
Client Organizations

• Cisco Systems
• ServiceNow
• Apple
• Twilio
• Slack
• VMware
• Meta
• Ciena
• Google
• Samsung
• United States Air force
• Federal Aviation Administration
• Novo Nordisk
• St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital
• Novartis
• Genentech
• Bayer
• Warner Bros.
• Disney
• Nordstrom
• Tiffany & Co.
• Hilton
• Accenture
• Darden
• BlackRock
• American Express
• State Farm
• Schlumberger

Certifications and Training

Professional Coaching Certification from International Coaching Federation

  • Teleos Leadership Institute Training
  • Coach Development Program Training
  • Executive Coach & Race Training
  • Conscious Business Coaching Certification

Feedback & Assessment Tools

  • Prism Leadership Portraits Certification
  • Cisco Strengths Based StandOut Assessment Certification

Data Analysis

  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification
  • Survey Creation & Quantitative Analysis
  • Qualitative Theme Analysis
  • Qualitative Interviewing and Theme Analysis
  • Financial ROI Modeling
  • BA, Business Administration, Russell Sage College
  • MBA, Master in Business Administration, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Coffee With Jen Rich

Some things to know about Jen Rich, that can come in handy next time you’re having a coffee together. 

Place of birth

Current location

Places lived
VT, NY, MA, CT, NC, FL, Ghana West Africa, Bucharest Romania

Certifications / Education
MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
BA from Russell Sage College

Professional Coaching Certification from International Coaching
Federation, Marcus Buckingham Standout, Prism Leadership
Psychometric Portrait, Fred Kofman Conscious Business, Six Sigma
Black Belt

Ideal clients
Executives, C-Suite, transitioning Leaders

Types of clients
500 Fortune, mid size and entrepreneurships

Others say I
Inspire, Relate, Challenge, Support

Myers Briggs

Hobbies / Passions
Cycling, Yoga, Weight Lifting, Swimming, Rowing, Skiing, Interior Design, Gardening, BLM, Women’s Rights, Active Local Politics

Fun Fact
Was a competive Triathlete for over 25 years

Super power

Home life
Live in a 1860 Victorian with my two cats Rosie and Tulip

Favorite drink
Bourbon with a cube

Your advice
Commit to yourself, invest in yourself and get to know yourself.  Act with your values and goals in mind.  Celebrate each success and luxuriate in your own happiness, it makes the journey worth it.

Vision and Mission

Life is abounds with adventure and challenge. The way in which you tackle adventure and confront challenges defines your unique trajectory and determines your legacy.

What better way to live your life but in harmony with your inner self and the world? To achieve that, you need to become the best you can be, by discovering who you really are, what drives you, what encompasses your full potential, and what makes you truly happy and accomplished.

Every discovery, every step forward and every successful pursuit starts with a desire, a question, an observation, a commitment and above all, an action.

When you’re walking alone towards your goals, it’s hard to see if you’re on the right track or not.  None of us, after all, can see how others see us – the objective reality of you. Subjectivity gives you only a partial view, the missing part being the objective perspective. It’s this that makes subjective coaching a game changer. We all could use someone who can give honest and unbiased feedback and facilitate and support the process of becoming the best we can be.

Jen’s Vision is a world in which people realize their full potential in their pursuit of happiness. To that end, Jen’s Mission is to fuel, facilitate and support people’s self-discovery journey. The journey leads to greater levels of accomplishment and happiness.

Your Future starts now, act on it!

The Rich Approach

Any successful person will tell you, there’s more than one way to get something done. It’s finding the most efficient and effective route that can prove illusive. Jen helps her clients cut through the clutter and clear the way to a winning outcome. Working in Global Fortune 500 Corporations for over three decades has given Jen a wealth of experience in building foundational success, layer upon layer, up to the very last detail. 

To achieve success in today’s complex hybrid systems, you need a coach who knows how to move the needle, right from the start of the coaching process. Jen’s approach to coaching is purposeful, with her razor-sharp focus aimed at reaching set goals. For Jen, there’s no room in the process for cozy conversations that lead nowhere. She believes the coaching journey starts with you, the client, envisioning your specific goal — the guiding star that will take you across the finish line. 

It’s a coaching system that takes clients closer to their desired outcomes using a step-by-step plan. Along the way, a client discovers they’ve transformed into more a powerful and successful version of their former professional self.

Success is an outcome of great partnerships.
Jen Rich is proud to partner and help some of the best achieve greatness.