Jen Rich

  • Leadership Development

  • Strengths-Based Coaching

  • Feedback Guidance

Jen is passionate about helping leaders implement meaningful outcomes in their organizations. Her breadth of experience in Global Fortune 500 Corporations has served to sharpen her skills in influence, impact and complex system awareness, both as a strategy leader and an executive coach.

The Rich Approach

Any successful person will tell you, there’s more than one way to get something done. It’s finding the most efficient and effective route that can prove illusive. Jen helps her clients cut through the clutter and clear the way to a winning outcome. Working in Global Fortune 500 Corporations for over three decades has given Jen a wealth of experience in building foundational success, layer upon layer, up to the very last detail. 

To achieve success in today’s complex hybrid systems, you need a coach who knows how to move the needle, right from the start of the coaching process. Jen’s approach to coaching is purposeful, with her razor-sharp focus aimed at reaching set goals. For Jen, there’s no room in the process for cozy conversations that lead nowhere. She believes the coaching journey starts with you, the client, envisioning your specific goal — the guiding star that will take you across the finish line. 

It’s a coaching system that takes clients closer to their desired outcomes using a step-by-step plan. Along the way, a client discovers they’ve transformed into more a powerful and successful version of their former professional self.

Introductions and Workplan
  • Getting to Know You
  • Coaching Philosophy and Approach Agreement
  • Your Passions, Goals, Vision and Stumbling Blocks
  • Establish and Commit to Partnership Workplan
Strengths, Values and Leadership Portrait
  • Personal Leadership Portrait
  • Values Inventory Passion Drivers
  • Mindset, Behaviors & Blind Spots
  • 360 Team, Peer, Customer, Partner and Management Interviews
Exploration of Self
  • Mental Models working for and Against You
  • Life Purpose and Development Plan
  • Perspective Broadening and Creative Resolutions
  • Self-Reflection, Trust and Unconditional Confidence
Mind Training, Trials and Improvements
  • Unshakeable Resilience Base Building
  • Transforming Habitual Patterns
  • Crucial Conversations, Negotiations and Commitments
  • Restoration, Mindfulness and Focus
Leadership Impact and Measured Results
  • Client Goal Attainment Measures
  • 360 Feedback Consumption and Actions
  • Onsite Observation & Debriefs
  • Reflections, Celebrations and Insights
  • Continuous Improvement Plans

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