The Approach

There are many ways to do one thing, but some ways are more effective than others, hence Jen Rich’s particular, solid approach to achieving success. Over 3 decades of working in Global Fortune 500 Corporations gave Jen Rich a wealth of experience in building foundational success, layer after layer, up to the very last detail. Her passion has helped leaders like you take the hard steps to reach their goals. To achieve success in this complex and fast-paced environment, you need a coach who knows how to move the needle, early on in the coaching process. Jen Rich’s coaching process is purposeful and razor sharp focused on reaching the set goals, not just feel good conversations leading nowhere. This Journey starts with the end and turns your goal into the guiding star along the way. Your coaching plan will take you step by step closer to your desired outcomes. Along the way, you’ll transform into the + version of you.


Introductions and Workplan
  • Getting to Know You
  • Coaching Philosophy and Approach Agreement
  • Your Passions, Goals, Vision and Stumbling Blocks
  • Establish and Commit to Partnership Workplan
Strengths, Values and Leadership Portrait
  • Personal Leadership Portrait
  • Values Inventory Passion Drivers
  • Mindset, Behaviors & Blind Spots
  • 360 Team, Peer, Customer, Partner and Management Interviews
Exploration of Self
  • Mental Models working for and Against You
  • Life Purpose and Development Plan
  • Perspective Broadening and Creative Resolutions
  • Self-Reflection, Trust and Unconditional Confidence
Mind Training, Trials and Improvements
  • Unshakeable Resilience Base Building
  • Transforming Habitual Patterns
  • Crucial Conversations, Negotiations and Commitments
  • Restoration, Mindfulness and Focus
Leadership Impact and Measured Results
  • Client Goal Attainment Measures
  • 360 Feedback Consumption and Actions
  • Onsite Observation & Debriefs
  • Reflections, Celebrations and Insights
  • Continuous Improvement Plans